Thermowood is produced by steam heating premium quality pine sourced from Finland, to temperatures in excess of 212 centigrade.

The heat penetrates to the core of the wood, driving out moisture and resin and eliminating leakage through knots.

Clear pine has no visible knots on the face and two edges, which is what differentiates it from ordinary pine. The resulting product is more stable and durable with high resistance to moisture or decay caused by fungi, making it ideally suited for use as an external cladding material.

The heat treatment process enables the use of Scandinavian Redwood in areas requiring a service life of up to 30 years without the need for a chemical preservative.

ThermoWood ® is more stable than untreated softwood. The changes that occur within the timber during heat treatment make it less able to absorb or lose moisture. This restriction of moisture movement limits any potential for swelling, shrinkage or distortion.