Creamy-white to grey in colour, sometimes pale brown or pinkish-brown, Poplar is suitable for framing, boxes and crates

Poplar heartwood is usually creamy-white to grey in colour, sometimes pale brown or pinkish-brown. Grain is typically straight. Texture is fine and even. Weight varies from 23 to 33lbs pcf / sg .45

Poplar has low stiffness and shock resistance, low bend and medium crush. It has poor steam bending properties. Sharp, thin cutters are required to overcome the texture and produce a good finish. Nailing and screwing are okay.

Poplar takes stain poorly., but takes paint, varnish and polish well. It dries rapidly, but knots will split. Poplar sapwood is permeable.  It is mainly used in furniture framing, drawers, toys, flooring, boxes and crates.